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1 someone who comes upon something after searching
2 someone who is the first to observe something [syn: discoverer, spotter]
3 optical device that helps a user to find the target of interest [syn: viewfinder, view finder]

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  1. One who finds, or discovers something.
    Finders keepers, losers weepers.
  2. An optical device, such as a viewfinder, used to locate a target or other object of interest

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Finder may refer to:
  • A device attached to a telescope which gives a much larger field of view than the main telescope and so allows an astronomer to center the telescope on an object using crosshairs.
  • Finder (software), a core component of the Apple Macintosh operating system, is the graphical representation of the computer's file system
  • Finder (comics), a comic book series by Carla Speed McNeil
  • Finder Wyvernspur, a fictional deity of the Forgotten Realms universe
  • Sat finder, for locating satellites
  • "Finder", an episode of the animated television series Lilo and Stitch: The Series
  • In business, someone paid to make a successful introduction (as in to potential investors, customers, and the like), but who does not take a significant part in the negotiation and closing of the transaction.

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